A Strong Technical Partner

Experienced and Agile Leadership on our team and yours.

Contract Labor available in convenient ways.

We get that you're in business, and that software development costs a lot of money. Our expertise and agile model allow us to move quickly and focus on results. We work with our clients, overtime, developing features as requirements become clear or change.

Interactive projects go smoothly with Agile.

Truly being an Agile software development firm requires great process and a special kind of relationship with our customers. We follow the guidance of Scrum, a widely used agile methodology, which involes a set of very simple lists and keeps our process communication simple.
We get things started with a free consultation, whether in person or on the phone. We not only listen to your needs, but also provide early direction and guidance.

What We Do, Mostly


Websites and Mobile Apps and What's In-Between

We've been programming since 1995, following the trajectory of Internet technologies from the beginning until the incredible present.

Contract Labor

Highly Motivated and Fully Qualified

Augment your team with great developers when and where you need them. Our rates are favorable and our talent is unquestionable.

CTO for Hire

Strategic Leadership On Demand

Often, we can provide direction and guidance to your team, and advice to your board, for far less than a full time executive would cost.

Why Glass Bead?

Fast and efficient.

Skip the usual paid discovery. We are really hooked on a list-prioritize-work-repeat cycle. We meet with our clients every two weeks, add needed work items to their backlog, determine the top priorities and get to work on them. The industry calls it agility, we call it getting things done.

Broad Technical Reach

Because we've been at this for so long, we are extensively networked. That means we have access to a long list of qualified experts whom we've worked with before. Almost assured, we can bring in the specialists we need. In our world, there is no substitution for experience.

A Scrum based agile process.

We're Scrum Masters. Certified. Which means we have drunk the agile Kool-Aid! We've been big believers in agile principals every since Extreme Programming made it cool. Rest assured, we'll be working on your highest priorities next.

Get Clear Direction

Because most interactive development shops specialize in one way or another, they tend to bring you solutions through a specific filter. We avoid this as much as possible. Our senior consultants are technology agnostic, having years of experience in many areas. We have specialists on the team as well, when we need them.

The Type of Things We Do


Customized Corporate Website

A fine creative agency, AHA, needed us to help with a new site for one of their global customers. With distributors in just about every country, ICS, needed a site that was easily updateable, served multiple languages, and could keep an updated distributor locator. No problem. Using some of the latest tools like WordPress and Google's API, we chose to use WordPress as the CMS, as it is really coming into its own for larger companies. We then customized the heck out of it with special functions, a custom GoogleMaps API map locator, and tools for serving different content to different countries. See the site.

Pop Art, Inc.

Various Mobile Apps and Websites

Our client, Pop Art, creates awesome digital creative work for global companies. We've helped them by providing a great mobile app development team, helping to make their creative vision come to fruition. We provide iOS development, expert Objective C and Javascript, as well as Front End development and PHP programming. Visit Pop Art, Inc.

Lacrosse Footwear, Inc.

Integrated Sharepoint Applications and Custom Sites

Lacrosse was in the middle of a huge ERP overhaul, when they realized they needed major updates on their website and intranet sites. Glass Bead implemented MS SharePoint and provided integration with Lacrosse's existing systems. We customized and extended the major site with .NET and Javascript programming. We also implemented K2, a powerful workflow tool.
Visit Lacrosse, Inc.

Major Integrated Corporate Websites

Our "Fortune 500" customer had grown through acquisition and was consolidating over 35 brands. We implemented an MS Sharepoint base website and then integrated it with numerous existing systems. Combined, the company had over 20,000 products, many of them involving complicated specifications. Hence, we created a custom MS SQLServer product spec database which served as a catalog (among other things) for their site. Extremely detailed coordination was required with product managers and IT teams around the world. We set up an open source (Joomla) sharing site for coordinating the three year effort.

Are You Ready?

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